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Author: e0tah

How can I become more organized?

Being more organised builds your resilience and can help you become healthier, happier and with more time do the things that really matter. It is important to create a system that works for you and apps like Airtable can help.

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How do I get through life’s lows?

Low points are inevitable. Not dealing with them makes them worse. However, they follow a pattern. You can learn to get through them by walking into the fire of your difficult emotions. It’s messy, and it is where the magic happens.

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Physical disgust and moral condemnation

Being judgemental causes harm, especially when it is made in disgust or fear, is based on hearsay or is made without the authority to judge. Here are some questions to consider when you find yourself in a judgemental mood.

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How can I live positively?

A positive, happy attitude helps you overcome challenges, builds emotional resilience and lays the foundation for success. So think big and speak positively, avoid overwhelm with bitesize tasks, be kind to yourself, look after yourself and keep fit and healthy.

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How can I inspire change?

We can all become leaders and inspire change, whether on a small or large scale. Self awareness is key, as is constructive feedback and self reflection. And all of these things can be learnt and developed.

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