Author: e0tah

How can I live positively?

A positive, happy attitude helps you overcome challenges, builds emotional resilience and lays the foundation for success. So think big and speak positively, avoid overwhelm with bitesize tasks, be kind to yourself, look after yourself and keep fit and healthy.

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How can I inspire change?

We can all become leaders and inspire change, whether on a small or large scale. Self awareness is key, as is constructive feedback and self reflection. And all of these things can be learnt and developed.

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How to use skills to benefit others

Using your skills to help others can also have a positive effect on your own wellbeing. With the rise of affordable, online courses and tutorials, lifelong learning is more accessible than ever before. So whether your skills are old or newly learnt, everyone can contribute in some way.

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How do I better my community?

Giving back to your community brings personal, as well as wider, benefits. Pro-social behaviours are proven to increase happiness and you don’t have to be a billionaire to make a difference. Have a big impact with the smallest act.

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