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by | Sep 24, 2022

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Crazy for Change is a unique programme providing knowledge, support and that extra push to realise your potential for living life with heartfelt and compelling purpose!
Here at Project Sophia, I am about to launch Crazy for Change. This is a unique programme to give members the knowledge, support and that extra push to realise their potential for living life with heartfelt and compelling purpose!
Crazy for Change is for people if, as research shows, they want to give purpose and meaning to their life by making a notable difference in their families, community, work and broader society.
The programme is also for people whose life has stalled and face complex social, economic or personal pressures. For example, the kids leave home, someone they cared for dies, or a relationship fails. They may face redundancy or retirement, or the nature of their work changes. As a result, they no longer enjoy the purpose and meaning they once had.

The challenges we face

I started coaching as a financial life planner years ago, helping clients achieve financial maturity and long-term aspirations. Then I founded Project Sophia Ltd to provide coaching and training in life skills. Crazy for Change will be our flagship service, a combination of monthly courses, group coaching and a safe community to help you travel a five-stage success path to a meaningful life.
Over the years, I’ve learnt that people whose lives lack meaning and purpose have three key challenges to overcome:
  1. Mindset. Thinking creatively when you are worried, anxious and afraid of simultaneously staying the same and changing is difficult.
  2. Self-awareness. People’s aspirations or vision for the future are buried under peer pressure and low self-esteem (their “secret sorrow”) or simply non-existent. They know they want to go somewhere. They just don’t know where.
  3. Plan. They have no plan or pathway to change. Change becomes much more achievable with a plan and a path to success. Without it, they are liable to fall at the first hurdle.
As a first step in overcoming these challenges, I developed a free scorecard to improve people’s self-awareness and begin understanding change processes. The 40 questions can be answered in under five minutes, and we provide a score and recommendations for how to improve immediately.
The scorecard will also help you self-identify and decide if you would benefit from joining Crazy for Change.

The power of community

My mission is to build a community of change-makers dedicated to leading meaningful lives by making a difference for others. It’s been a long flog, and now I am almost there.
You are welcome to join me, of course. Enrolment is from 3 to 7 October. Click on the links to discover more.
Read about meaning and why it matters.
Get your Route to Meaning Score and improve your potential for living with meaning and purpose.
Find out more about Crazy for Change and add your name to the wait list.

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