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How can I become more organized?

Being more organised builds your resilience and can help you become healthier, happier and with more time do the things that really matter. It is important to create a system that works for you and apps like Airtable can help.

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How do I get through life’s lows?

Low points are inevitable. Not dealing with them makes them worse. However, they follow a pattern. You can learn to get through them by walking into the fire of your difficult emotions. It’s messy, and it is where the magic happens.

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Why books?

Reading books improves our vocabulary, communication skills and makes us more empathetic. It reduces stress and can help to stave off alzheimers and dementia. It is also enjoyable and audiobooks provide an alternative for those who struggle with written text.

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Importance of Goals

Setting goals helps to keep us motivated and focused. They also inspire us to move closer to our authentic selves. Using the SMART criteria can help you to choose your goals skilfully but be sure not to choose too many, as this can lead to overwhelm.

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Discovering your talent

Finding your talent can bring great fulfillment, as well as opportunities for growth. We all have different talents, so be true to yourself during your search. Be open to new experiences and don’t be afraid to fail.

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