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Oct 6, 2021 | Insights

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With my acupuncturist again, we talk around a range of body-related topics, including diet, exercise, hydration, and all-round fitness.

At one point, I comment on her different perspective on health, one of which I have been distantly aware of without finding any cohesion. I have a better understanding of the issue after we talk.

In a word, it clicked.

Conversation changes lives. Can you talk about personal and challenging issues with someone who can listen, has your interests at heart, knows what they are talking about, and provides a safe environment.

Here is my acupuncturist’s consulting room. I am in the presence of a wise teacher and an accomplished practitioner. It’s the person as well as the practice that is important.

Who do you talk to?

So, who do you connect with? Take a look at your personal and professional connections, and you’ll probably find they fall into one of these categories:

  • Radiators who are on your side and boost your confidence
  • Drains who sap your energy
  • Role models who you admire and seek to emulate
  • Helpers who may be able to provide information and advice
  • Friends who tell it like it is and kick you in the pants when necessary
  • Mentees who look to you for guidance, help and comfort
  • Blockers who stand in your way.

(Beware of categories, though; we’ll come to this in another post).

Which group predominates? We are, the saying goes, the average of the ten people we are closest to, so you might want to reflect on what your list tells you.

Connection is a part of human nature. Your support network is vital for psychological resilience and world-changing collaborative ventures.

So, who do you want to connect with today?

Photo by Amy Hirschi on Unsplash

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