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How to create excitement

Mar 1, 2023 | Insights

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Create excitement to motivate and encourage your followers to accept the changes you propose on your way to a fulfilled life.
My friend Ulla Raaf tells how postcards suddenly appeared some years ago in Mainz, Germany, where she lived, randomly distributed in different pubs and shops. The cards simply said, “Etwas Dickes kommt in die Stadt“, meaning “Something fat is coming to the city.”

And on Facebook, similar posts began to pop up. This went on for several weeks. Then all of a sudden, an address was added to the postcards. It was the address of a corner house in a picturesque part of Mainz, where a new café, Dicke Lilli, gutes Kind, had just opened. The name translates as “Fat Lilli, Good Child”, the title of the bestselling book by Lilli Palmer, a famous actress in Germany also known for her love of cake.

Be excitingly unconformist

When Ulla visited the café, she was amazed to find an eclectic mix of dining tables, chairs, and fantastic wall decorations. Different antique place settings containing a plate, saucer, and cup glued together were fixed to one wall. Most importantly, however, the cafe provided terrific, fresh, homebaked cakes and a daily changing lunch menu. Unsurprisingly, Dicke Lilli, gutes Kind has been very well-frequented since it opened.

Ulla tells this story in Enough: Unlock a life of abundance starting right where you are, proposing that excitement is the primary motivational method in literature (her profession). Whether you love stories, thrillers, life stories, or fantasy, you keep reading because the excitement keeps you wanting to know what comes next, how it will end, or what the result will be.

Create excitement in the change you seek.

Ulla included the story in the Enough book to remind readers that when you want to live a life of abundance, you need to use as many tips and techniques as possible to create acceptance of the change you want to make and the activities that will sustain your lifestyle.

What is true for books is true when it comes to making a difference in other arenas, whether business or personal. So, looking ahead, remember to ask yourself how to make your offering exciting? Can the interaction with your audience be exciting? What if, like this café, you built up and guided your followers through to a crescendo? That surely would get you results.

Photo attribution

Photo by Angelina Yan on Unsplash

Other attributions and references

Deedes, Jeremy. Enough: Unlock a Life of Abundance Starting Right Where You Are. Melbourne, The Right Company Press, 28 Oct. 2021.

Taking it further

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