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Circumstances can derail projects. However, a plan makes it easier to reset and continue when things go wrong.
Whilst developing Crazy for Change, I thought about whether to wing it or plan it.

In my experience, having a defined path generates better results. True, circumstances can derail projects. However, a plan makes it easier to reset and continue with progress when things go wrong.

So, I built Crazy for Change around a defined success path based on the Transtheoretical Model of Change (TTM) created by James Prochaska and others. The TTM has been used to help people intentionally change and turn around addictive habits and other difficult situations.

Stage 1, Cheerfully Contemplating Change, is aimed at people who survive but do not thrive, especially if their previous meaningful activity has dried up.

This stage aims to help people recognise their need for change and develop a positive, cheerful mindset, a prerequisite for successful change.

During Stage 2, Prepare and Plan Wisely, people accept the need for change. They prepare and plan to make changes to their life by researching options, reading self-help books, attending courses etc. 

This stage focuses on internal preparation to determine who members are, where they are, and how to get there. Backstories, values and aspirations play an essential part in this stage.

In Stage 3, Take Action, Become Resilient, people feel more confident about their life. However, they also feel concerned because much of their life is built on slightly shaky foundations.

The objective of the third stage is to build personal resilience in the areas of health, money, relationships, connections and more. Resilience is essential for changemakers and leaders upon whom others become reliant.

During Stage 4, Grow your Wealth, members use their resilience as a foundation to build the wealth they need to make a difference in the world.

This stage aims to develop the fitness, money, skills, resources and relationships necessary for members to pitch for and win suitable assignments or projects where they can make a difference.

The final stage, Make a Difference, is the culmination of the process. Members are now changemakers, leading a meaningful and purposeful life. They are actively involved in one or more assignments (remunerated or as a volunteer) that make a difference in the world.

This stage aims to create change in the world to make a positive difference that gives life meaning and purpose.

I believe a clear path to success is essential, and I have thought long and hard about what people will be thinking, feeling and doing during each stage. I’ve worked out clear action points and milestones for each step and set these out in a paper entitled Your Path to Success.

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