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Feb 2, 2022 | Insights

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Get more done? Perhaps, to make a difference, we should be thinking about doing less, being less and having less, not more
There is a new time/task management app on the market. It is driven by AI and promises to ‘optimise your day’ so you get more done. It looks like an excellent piece of kit, easy to use and easy on the eye, and I suspect it will be invaluable to many people. I certainly hope it will be a success for the developer’s sake.

What really struck me, though, was the tagline for the promotional ad – presumably the USP for the product. This simply read ‘… helps you get more done…’.

Get more done…

A simple concept that is designed to solve the challenge facing so many people – not least the target audience for the product – namely ‘I don’t have enough time’.

I suspect a lot of people will respond, and with good reason. The tagline offers a way out of the difficulty so many people find themselves in as time diminishes and the amount they have to do increases.

But hang on a moment. There is a principle at play here that anyone seeking to make a difference should question. The whole proposition of the app is that we need to do more. Get stuff done.

…or get less done?

But is that the way to a meaningful life making a difference? I will never forget Michael Gerber saying at one of his workshops that our objective, as business proprietors, is to create more life for ourselves.

So ‘getting more done’ may not be the answer. Indeed, it will probably start to drain the meaning from your life. So, consider the alternative that you live a meaningful life in which you do enough to be enough and have enough on your terms.

Products such as Motion, Remember the Milk, Asana and many more might actually be beneficial in determining and realising your ‘enoughness’.

However, in the context of creating more life for yourself, maybe the tagline should be ‘…helps you get less done.’

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