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How to use your gifts to help others

Feb 1, 2023 | Insights

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The gifts you have to offer are an excellent place to start when deciding how to lead a life of meaning and purpose by making a difference to others.
F (sorry, real names to be avoided) is helping the sick, wounded and homeless in Ukraine. He is a Yorkshire lad, the son of nearby friends, and last week his mum told me his story.

After leaving college, F joined the British Army and served in some of the world’s hot spots. He recently pulled out from the Forces and thought about what to do next.

F started by creating an inventory of his considerable skills, which included leadership and organisational skills. In practical terms, F could drive large vehicles, was a trained paramedic, had experienced living and working in hostile environments and had the gift of the gab.

Putting gifts to good use

Ukraine was the obvious place to put his gifts to good use. His enthusiasm and eloquence helped him start the ball rolling, and he persuaded a friend to join him. Then, he went on the scrounge for a truck, medical equipment and other supplies. Finally, with all ready, he and his companion drove to Ukraine and started to provide what help they could. They are still there.

We all have gifts, and if sometimes they might not seem as attractive as those of the people we hear about on the news, they can make a difference. Listening to a neighbour’s woes may not seem as important as helping the wounded in Ukraine, but it is. Using your gifts to make life more bearable for others, even in the slightest way, is an essential element of humanity and not to be disparaged.

List your gifts

Sometimes we are so focussed on our work and life we forget about our gifts and the benefits they could bring to the world. F set an excellent example by drawing up an inventory of his gifts and then deciding how best to use them, and it’s an example worth following.

As Covid took hold in 2020, I recall how I looked at the skills I could use to support our local village community. Our newsletter and virtual village group sprang out of this perusal of the skills I used in my business.

The gifts you have to offer are an excellent place to start when deciding how to lead a life of meaning and purpose by making a difference to others.

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Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

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