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Apr 6, 2022 | Insights

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Leadership helps you to live meaningfully and is mastered when you are passionate and creative and can see the results of your work
A friend realised the importance of leadership when she decided to stop following the traditions of her profession. Instead, she now leads her own CPA practice and training organisation, focussing on delivering accountancy services without the burnout that resulted in her serious ill-health.

In a different vein, I have a group of eight friends. Now and then, I make arrangements for us to meet up for a bite to eat or a drink – an opportunity to catch up, relax and enjoy ourselves.

On the other hand, I am guilty of abrogating any responsibility when organising village social events, preferring to leave it all to others.

Leadership, sometimes

So, I wonder why you and I are sometimes motivated to show leadership, go out into the world, make a difference and make things happen. Yet, at other times we are happy simply to follow others who pick up the baton and lead us to our hopes and dreams.

Why, sometimes, do we opt to become a leader whilst we elect to remain a follower at other times? Understanding this will help you lead a meaningful life. With leadership comes creativity and a focus on others, essential ingredients for a meaningful life.

To help your understanding, think about situations in which you lead or follow, and reflect on these five ideas.

Reflections on leadership

How passionate are you about something? The more passionate you are, the more likely you are to lead.

Is the work you do creative or boring? When you have a chance to be creative, you are more likely to show leadership and experience meaning. Conversely, boredom indicates your life probably lacks meaning.

Are you making a positive difference to others? When you enhance the lives of those you touch, you are likely to want to lead in your field.

Are you experiencing pain or suffering? If so, it is an excellent motivator for change. This usually requires someone (you?) to lead. And when you become a leader who makes a difference, you experience meaning from suffering.

Do you follow your values and lead your life with Integrity? You give yourself permission to lead in your field, make a difference, and live with meaning when you do.

Leadership helps you to live meaningfully and is mastered when you are passionate, and creative and can see the results of your work.

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

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