The Project Sophia Ltd Manifesto

Our ten-point manifesto defines how we help members of our community 
lead meaningful lives and be the instrument of change they want to be.
  1. We are compassionate and avoid causing harm; we believe others are doing the best they can and treat them as we would expect them to treat us.
  2. Without narcissism, we resiliently uphold our values, self-belief and self-esteem; we let go of self-doubt and the opinions of others and understand that we are enough.
  3. We take personal responsibility for our decisions, actions and affairs and aim always to be at our best whilst avoiding perfectionism.
  4. We embrace our mistakes with courage, truth and compassion, and grow from them.
  5. We contribute more than we consume, are grateful for what we have and understand that we have enough.
  6. We generously support our connections, listen to them with empathy and compassion, are careful with our advice and avoid grandstanding and floodlighting.
  7. We believe change comes from action; we make information available for free and provide value through helping clients implement their knowledge and ideas.
  8. We take care of our minds, bodies and spirits in order to better serve others.
  9. We make time for our own personal development and creativity, without which we cannot grow.
  10. We engage in our work with integrity and confidence to serve our customers, solve the world’s problems and make it a better place in which to live.

We are the alternative to the judgemental, the greedy
and those who simply want to tell us what to do.