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Dec 29, 2021 | Insights

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Patient Courage is a way of dealing with life’s challenges, derived from the belief that you are enough and are worthy of love and respect.
Tricia attempted, for many years, to fulfil her roles of mother and a high achiever in a competitive, judgemental profession. She defined her success in being so competent at both roles that each would forget the other existed.

In fact, her dreams were unreasonable expectations. Eventually, the ongoing pressure to prove herself to her family and profession led to ill health. Finally, she attempted to take her own life, believing that her family would be better off without her.

Celebrating failure

Tricia calls her unsuccessful suicide attempt her ‘greatest failure’. However, she celebrates it every day as the beginning of her new journey founded in love and affection rather than self-destruction.

It inspired her to start her own firm, dedicated to training young accountants to deliver their technical expertise with kindness and compassion. Her firm is founded on the belief that practitioners’ personal health, well-being, and satisfaction are more important than goals derived from a firm’s definition of success.

Tricia is intent on disrupting the world of professional accountancy. Her message is that you must first believe that ‘you matter’ to do work that matters.

Patient Courage

Patient Courage is the label Tricia had given to her new way of dealing with life’s challenges. She believes that she is enough and worthy of love.

Patient Courage enables her to ask for help, live a healthy lifestyle, and share her wealth of time, talents, and compassion. With Patient Courage, she steps back, breathes, prays, reflects and expresses her gratitude for the challenges that still come her way.

She has become a changemaker who finds meaning and success on her terms by making a difference to herself and others. Her story is an inspiration.

Read Tricia’s full story in the Enough book.
Photo by Brian Mann on Unsplash

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