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Publish your story, inspire your tribe

May 25, 2022 | Insights

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Publish your stories, inspire your tribe, demonstrate your expertise and appeal to their emotions and humanity.
Last week a friend felt she had to publish something about the recent decision by the US Supreme Court to review Roe v Wade. But, of course, this is a highly contentious and potentially divisive issue, which caused my friend to think hard about publishing her opinion in public.

It is a familiar dilemma and one that, as leaders searching for meaning by fostering change and making a difference, we have to deal with every day.

In other words, when and how do you make your presence felt.

Publish about humanity or skills

Our stories and values make us who we are. They often focus on our problems and how we solve them, which can inspire our tribe. But, they also demonstrate a clear set of values, making it easier for our tribe to follow us.

Aside from our stories, we can also publish information about our skills, which can be just as important.

Which route you choose will depend on the difference you want to make in the world and how you intend to go about it.

And, of course, you might be concerned about talking about yourself in a way that floodlights your ego and turns people off.

Inevitably, not everyone will like what you publish. If you put your head above the parapet, someone will take a shot at you.

However, many, many people will lap up your stories and views. They will want to learn from you, know where you stand, and be inspired by your stories.

Going public can be scary

Giving voice to your experiences, mistakes, views, and values can be scary. However, if you want to become a leader, make a difference, change the world, and find meaning in what you do, you will need to work out what you say about yourself and how.

Another friend suggests telling your stories with your tribe in mind. What does your tribe want from you? What can you tell your tribe that will be meaningful and helpful?

The members of your tribe will tell you whether what you publish needs to demonstrate your expertise or appeal to their emotions and humanity, so worth listening to them.

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