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Sep 1, 2021 | Insights

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In June, I came across a firm at a local agricultural show selling semi-tailored mountain shirts made from local merino wool.

I went in, was made welcome, chose my design and had my shirt fitted by the seamstress who would make my shirt. I paid, and she promised delivery in six to eight weeks. My shirt arrived on time and is delightful.

I can list any number of reasons why this company rocks. It uses locally sourced materials, hires local staff, promotes traditional hand-crafted skills and creates unique designs. In addition, the firm is professional, long-lasting, low maintenance, and sustainable – the list goes on.

However, what really floated my boat was the sense that this small community of dedicated people were in it to make a difference to their clients, their team, and the environment.

Their tagline is ‘the unplastic jacket’, and the enthusiasm and energy for making a difference are palpable. They have found meaning and happiness in traditional skills and materials.

They have found meaning by making a difference in the world of tailoring. So, where do you want to make a difference?

(Photo by Sam Carter on Unsplash)

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